Being Brave in a Time of Fear

by JoAnne McFarland in Artist Statements

When I am creating, I am totally unafraid. The creative
process is a grace state for me, and I spend a lot of time there. My faith in
creativity has allowed me to surmount early violence in my family life, and see
how making things can be a path to joy and agency for others.


I commit to making something every day to honor my passion
and willpower. My greatest skill is encouraging others to risk more through my
own strong convictions and sense of possibility.


I treasure being alive, and refuse to sacrifice the
intensity of my aliveness to toxic forces. For instance, most people are so
afraid of their own passion, they resent true vigor in others and can act to
thwart it. Some people find the unpredictable nature of unleashed creativity


I believe words are the most powerful things in human
societies. Anything, and anyone, can be built or destroyed with words. This
tenet is the foundation of my work in poetry, in art, as a curator and arts
administrator, and all of my collaborations. I respect each utterance’s ability
to be part of a path, to elucidate what we can achieve together, and to
mitigate damaging experiences.



JoAnne McFarland


January 2018