Interview with Mulheres na Arte Contemporanea  … read more.

Gowanus Open Studios October 2016  Well, Gowanus Open Studios is done! What a great year. The weather was perfect and we had hundreds of folks come through eager to talk about art, and even buy some work.  My Latest Dress Collages I had a great response to my latest dress collages. Here's… read more.

The question that spurs my work is: Why is a woman’s passion so threatening? At the heart of anything I create, in ways obvious and not so obvious, is my effort to come to terms with my own hungers, my own aliveness. Through my art and poetry I aim to ignite in others their own sense of the… read more.

A couple of years ago I started stenciling directly onto the walls of my studio space. The act feels very meditative; there's a rhythm to it that's incredibly soothing. I use a neutral palette—gray, beige, and cream. In this way the lettering resembles the 'ghost type' I use in a lot of my poems,… read more.

And sometimes I still do. I used to sew my own clothes. When I was a teenager I was so tiny that nothing store bought fit me. I ended up having to take in the waists, or hem pants and skirts.  I shopped with my sister at Macy's, Gimbel's, and B Altman's for fabric. We would spend afternoons… read more.