Artist and poet Rebecca Aidlin just wrote a fabulous review of MENDING, my collaboration with artist Nancy Lunsford that will be on view at 440 Gallery in Park Slope through March 18, 2018:  MENDING: Nancy Lunsford and JoAnne McFarland February 15 –… read more.

Thanks to Nancy Lunsford for this wonderful post about my work: JoAnne McFarland's Still-ed Life paintings … read more.

When I am creating, I am totally unafraid. The creative process is a grace state for me, and I spend a lot of time there. My faith in creativity has allowed me to surmount early violence in my family life, and see how making things can be a path to joy and agency for others. I commit to making something… read more.

Identifying the Body, my latest poetry collection will be published in a few months by The Word Works!  The publisher, located in Washington, D.C., has been publishing contemporary poetry since 1974. The editors just sent me the final book cover:    … read more.

I am in love with the physical manifestation of things—their color, smell, texture, size—the entire visceral world. I am in love, too, with being alive, with the intersection of my aliveness with the immense beauty I encounter day to day. My work as a writer and artist is to capture this… read more.