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Interview with Mulheres na Arte Contemporanea

Interview with Mulheres na Arte Contemporanea    

How Long Does it Take to Make an Oil Painting?

I returned to oil painting in 2003 after many years working on paper. At that time, I committed to going to my studio every day, and making at least one mark to keep myself going. The first painting I did, a close up of a snowy stoop in my Brooklyn neighborhood, took six weeks to… read more

Stupid Wet Tricks

One of the things I love most about working with oils is that the paint stays wet, and workable, for a long, long time. You can work on a painting for a few hours one day, and the next day you can radically change it by working into what’s already there.   Or…   You… read more

Unlocking Vibrancy in Oil Painting

I fall in love with every painting I make. The my–heart–is–beating–so–fast kind of love. The I–know–this–one–won’t–disappoint–me kind of love. More than any other way of working, for me oil painting is a process of surrender and effervescent discovery.   The Love Affair Begins With the Blues This is the blocking in stage. I set up… read more

White Steals Intensity in Oil Painting

There are three whites commonly used in oil painting—Zinc White, Flake White, and Titanium White. I prefer Titanium White, a warm, luscious color with superb mixing qualities.   White is the Thief of Intensity   Mixing white into a color robs the color of some of its power. It’s often necessary to do this to… read more